Wednesday, 16 August 2017

Big Show vs. Big Cass Shark Cage Match

SummerSlam 2017: Big Show vs. Big Cass Shark Cage Match :- Everybody realized that Enzo Amore's part with Big Cass was tremendous news, yet maybe nobody could have anticipated it would prompt such a huge confrontation at The Biggest Event of The Summer.

In any case, that is precisely what is going to happen. For at SummerSlam, Big Cass will clash with The World's Largest Athlete, Big Show. What's more, "The Realest Guy in the Room" won't have the capacity to make a move.

In the wake of ruining to Enzo at the WWE Great Balls of Fire pay-per-see, Big Cass by and by stepped his old destroying mate in their Raw rematch, in spite of a gutsy exertion by Smacktalker Skywalker. Be that as it may, when the enormous seven-footer proceeded with his attack after the chime, he got under the skin of Big Show. Before he could make his point, however, Cass utilized Enzo to help get the favorable position on the previous World Champion and hit Big Show with four Empire Elbows.

Big Show vs. Big Cass Shark Cage Match

The next week, Big Show was resolved to educate the best in class tower of obliteration some regard when they occupied with their first-historically speaking one-on-one standoff! Also, when Enzo got associated with the activity, the disorder that took after finished with Show laying out Big Cass with the KO Punch. Cass endured a similar destiny the next week, rapidly becoming acclimated to the dangerous energy of the monster's clench hand.

With issues still agitated, Big Cass was anxious to confront Big Show again at SummerSlam, yet just on the off chance that he knew precisely where his elusive previous accomplice was the entire time. In this way, at the Aug. 20 pay-per-see occasion, Enzo will have an elevated view for Big Show's exceedingly foreseen rematch against Big Cass when he is secured a Shark Cage over the ring


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